CO SONN - VBG trash ensemble vol.1 MC Cassette

CO SONN - VBG trash ensemble vol.1 MC Cassette


2 walk

3 floating

4 behave

5 you'll know feat. Kristoffer Bolander

6 rewind

7 forever

8 snutjag

9 lie

10 trouble

11 justice

12 VBG

CO SONN is a one man project carried by an intense sound, hailing from Vänersborg, Sweden. After seven self-released EP:s/albums on Bandcamp and a couple of singles, it’s time for the first release with a label by his side. The first single ”Rewind” was released on September 22nd. The album ”VBG trash ensemble vol.1” will be released on cassette and all digital platforms by Lazy Octopus Records November 3rd. Probably one of the most productive underground musicians in Sweden, he records as often as possible. It’s an honest, raw and simple sound from two guitars and a drum set. Influence is gathered from all over the place, Peter Tosh, Brainbombs, Kool Keith and of course Sonic Youth. It’s not a priority how the music is received. CO SONN is writing and recording for his own sake, for the constant creativity and the will to create something of his own. Thus the impressive amount of releases under a short period of time.

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