Growth - Colour, Cut & Clarity EP 12", lim. ed.

GROWTH - Colour, Cut & Clarity EP - 12" Vinyl - Limited 299 ex

During the first half of 2016, Growth recorded a series of songs in Fengersfors defunct paper mill, located in Dalslands ancient forests. This fall, the outside world are able to take note of these obscure wonders via an EP on Lazy Octopus Records named Colour, Cut & Clarity. The trio is lurking in the shadows, taking their time and fine-tuning their craft. Bittersweet sensations of veiled seascapes, frostbitten asphalt and endless spiral staircases. The tone is both fragile and threatening, slippery garage rock that never chooses the easy way. Open a door, close a window, choose your battle.

Growth consists of Elizabeth, Hillevi and Annie. Their debut EP is out 16 September on Lazy Octopus Records.

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