Kriget - Dystopico LP - lim. ed. 300 copies

Kriget - Dystopico LP - lim. ed. 300 copies

Article number: BLVVD001
A1. Sleeping with Buddha
A2. Malocchio Mix
A3. Dystopico
A4. Holy Mountain
A5. Aghori diet
B1. He lives in the same forest as me
B2. Say no more
B3. Don't worry, It will be over soon
B4. King of the cowboys
B5. Ordinary accidentally

[Kriget] make music that both challenges and energises, bouncing between shades of Deutsche-electropunk, deeply stirring jazz and proggy techno. The Line of Best Fit 

[Kriget] capture new and old, beauty and terror, control and chaos, a psychedelic volcano of energy. Consequence of Sound 

They’re far removed from the occult, but waves of shrill intensity will wash over you while listening. Earbuddy 

The question an LP like this seems to answer is how musicians can both subliminally move an audience and still satisfy an expressionist impulse. Impose Magazine 

Kriget accomodates a raw, scortching sound from an almost-scizophrenic viewpoint, while several tracks (“Say No More”, “Dystopico”, “Sleeping With Buddha”) twist into organic, hi-hat driven techno — perhaps the most obvious reference throughout Dystopico’s 43-minute long spin. No Fear of Pop
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