Shadow Shadow - Riviera LP

Article number: NGRD016
1. Riviera
2. Skull Drums
3. 1000001
4. Treasure Island
5. A Thousand Lost Golf Balls
6. Sunset Bending
7. Where The Ocean Is
8. Kill Screen
9. Hi Los
- Release: 2013-06-14

Shadow Shadow emerged in 2009 when Mattias (Friberg) decided to take a break from his former life roving the highways of Europe. A small cottage in the Swedish countryside was furnished with electronics and walls were covered with images of fangs, soft paws and sharp claws. In there, a scratchy piece started to take take shape that would not see the light of day for a very long time. 
Finally, after four years, some kind of consensus arose within the circuit boards, and a nine song offspring rose up and looked upon the world with a murky gaze. "Riviera" is a story of the knottiness of the city and the barrenness of the waste lands. A title that in one word evokes lovely imagery but also a sense of foreboding. Like a precious jewel on a burnt hand, the word riviera tittle-tattles of the plagues of our time, be they the greediness of the privileged or the human race's obsession with the superficial. Or why not its civilisation-long delusion of its own indestructability.
"...a moment of hum, and then it is again dark and quiet", Snoilsky wrote, and thereby put his index finger against our collective forehead and gave it a firm push. But not all that glitters is counterfeit. The truly beautiful hides under the layers of soot, something to hold on hard to now that the drums are pounding in the distance. We're alone out here with the wolves and a dead camp fire. It darkens towards night. Tenderness and kindliness will not win this fight, but for a brief moment we can get to sit here, enchanted by the illusion. /Julius Krakow
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