Wy - Okay LP - Pre order

Release: October 20.

Wy - Okay 1. Indolence 2. What Would I Ever Do 3. Mental 4. Hate To Fall Asleep 5. Don't Call 6. Bathrooms 7. Kind 8. You + I 9. 10 p.m. 10. Gone Wild

With their floating synthesizers and melancholic guitars Wy do sad pop music where bare emotions are camouflaged by reverbed pop melodies. This young duo serves up a taste of tears in heaven.

Long-time lovers Wy stands out like a diamond in the rough in the midst of the occurring comeback of the dream pop genre. The duo combines mellow instrumentation with attitude and desperation - incisive guitar melodies in combination with Ebba's powerful vocals make their songs swiftly shift between a feeling of dejection and hope.

Since Wy released their debut single last year they have released a string of successful singles and an EP. Their debut album is due to be released in October this year on Hybris.

189 SEK