Xander Duell - Wade Laiste LP - Lim ed. 330 copies

Xander Duell - Wade Laiste LP - Lim ed. 330 copies

(June 19, 2015)- Xander Duell originally prevailed in the indie world alongside his brother, Damon McMahon (now of Amen Dunes), as 2/5ths of Inouk, the five-piece originating from Brooklyn. After releasing their critically acclaimed debut LP, No Danger, in 2004 the band quickly parted ways never to be heard from again. Until now…Xander is excited to release his upcoming solo effort, entitled Wade Laiste, on July 17th.


Wade Laiste is the sophomore solo effort from Xander Duell and was produced by brother Damon McMahon and Andrew Wyatt (singer and principal songwriter in Miike Snow) and will be released worldwide via Ingrid (a label run out of Stockholm by Lykke Li & members of Miike Snow). “Working with Damon (for the first time since Inouk disbanded) was tense for me, but ultimately a good experience,” Xander notes. “Andrew was also a joy to work with. His level of virtuosity and knowledge of all things musical was astounding. The connections he has - like getting Bowie's drummer Sterling Campbell for the record for instance - were essential to pulling this off.”


Laced between quirky lyrics and complex structures are catchy electronic beats that keep the listener hooked. Reminiscent of 70’s and 80’s stalwarts such as -Berlin-era David Bowie, Steely Dan and modern-era Scott Walker Wade Laiste is a wonderfully weird representation of past and present with hints of modern life idiosyncrasies in both lyric and technique.

“David Lynchesque pop songs.”- VICE/Noisey

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